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What to do with electronic cigarette oil

release time:2021-06-23

What should I do if the e-liquid becomes lighter and lighter? When using e-cigarettes, many of my friends will find out why an e-liquid does not taste anymore. Or after the first bottle of e-liquid is drawn, when I buy the second bottle of e-liquid, it is clear that the e-liquid is still that e-liquid, so why doesn't it have the same taste as before. This is mainly divided into two major points and everyone's explanation.

1. Preservation of e-liquid The preservation of e-liquid is very important, especially for some peppermint e-liquid and alcohol flavors. These e-liquids contain peppermint flavor and alcohol flavor, which will lead to smoke) oil. If the bottle is opened or the cap of the bottle is not tightened, the flavor will evaporate, and the e-liquid will be more effective. After a few days, it will be much less.

2. Some e-liquids were originally heavy-mouthed, and when they were smoked, they wouldn't be heavy-mouthed after they were familiar with it. To a certain extent, this is a good thing. It is an instinctive response of our body, but we don't want the taste of e-liquid that we like to change.