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10 things for novice e of e-cigarette

release time:2021-06-23

1. There are different types of electronic cigarettes.

With the popularity of society, people refer to these devices collectively as electronic cigarettes, but in fact, these products vary greatly. There are also many offline stores. Various types of e-cigarettes are full of consumers' attention, and all kinds of e-cigarettes satisfy all types of consumers.

2. You may cough the first time you smoke an e-cigarette.

A survey of 600 e-cigarette users showed that 57% of them coughed when they first smoked e-cigarettes, but for most people, this is only temporary. 93% of those who have used e-cigarettes said Then I stopped coughing.

There are many reasons for coughing. The main reason is irritation in the throat or lungs. However, irritation does not mean that it is bad. It is just a response of the body to unknown conditions. Just like drinking water and getting choked.

3. Mouth suction equipment and lung suction equipment.

Another important difference in e-cigarettes is the difference between oral smoking equipment and lung smoking equipment.

When the output power of the mouth suction device is low, the amount of smoke is small, and the throat hitting sensation caused by the smoke to the user is also weaker.

The lung suction device will give users a stronger impact experience, the throat hitting feeling is more obvious, and the user will also get a fuller and richer smoke experience.

4. Choose VG/PG.

Both VG and PG are tasteless liquids, which can be combined with flavors and nicotine to make fruity e-liquid.

They generate steam when heated, so they can be inhaled.

PG and VG are not fats and will not cause any medical problems caused by fats.

The consistency of the liquids is different from each other, and the taste will also be different.

5. Choose the concentration of nicotine.

In addition to taste, the concentration of nicotine should also be one of the key factors in choosing e-liquid.

Nicotine concentration refers to the nicotine content per milliliter of e-liquid. If you have smoked before, you should choose the concentration of nicotine according to your smoking level.

People who have never smoked before should choose Omg/ml e-liquid. Others, under the premise of ensuring health, 3mg/ml is recommended.

6. The atomization core needs to be replaced from time to time.

The atomizer core is the heating element in the atomizer. When it smells of burning, it needs to be replaced. The atomizing core is also easy to replace, and it is also sold in general stores.

Seven, you should pay attention to indoor e-cigarette smoking.

Try not to affect other non-smokers as much as possible. This is also a manifestation of your quality.

Eight, e-cigarettes will also have second-hand smoke?

E-cigarettes have a special problem of "second-hand smoke, but they are not as harmful as traditional cigarettes. When there are people around, try to restrain themselves. Hangzhou has also officially implemented a ban on e-cigarettes in no-smoking places. Even though e-cigarettes do not smell Big, but it also has to be disciplined and law-abiding.

9. You have to dispose of the battery safely.

The batteries of electronic cigarettes are basically non-removable, unless you are an experienced DY player. Batteries that have been scrapped or purchased alone, remember to store them under the instructions of the instructions to avoid dangerous risks to yourself or your family.

10. Electronic cigarettes are very interesting.

Don't be too serious about e-cigarettes and take a neutral attitude. Everything is good and bad, and it can only be personal.