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23 2021-06

10 things for novice e of e-cigarette

1. There are different types of electronic cigarettes. With the popularity of society, people refer to these devices collectively as electronic cigarette……

23 2021-06

Is electronic cigarette harmful to people

Many heavy smokers want to quit smoking, but they also want to give themselves a kind of sustenance, and want to come gradually. You don’t need real smoking to be equally enjoyable, so e-cigarettes came into being. So, are e-cigarettes harmful to people?

23 2021-06

What to do with electronic cigarette oil

What should I do if the e-liquid becomes lighter and lighter? When using e-cigarettes, many of my friends will find out why an e-liquid does not taste anymore. Or after the first bottle of e-liquid is drawn, when I buy the second bottle of e-liquid, it is